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Are you SICK of the kids constantly fighting?
Are you wondering where you've gone WRONG?
It's NEVER too late to create and grow a happy family team, ditch the overwhelm and enjoy family time again!

Hands up if any of these sound like you...

You feel like all you do is play referee to your children's fights...
You are dreading family time because managing everyone's feelings is draining...
You look at "happy" families and feel jealous at their joy...
And you are so frustrated at the disrespect and unkindness your children display towards each other.

So you've tried...

​​...every idea under the sun to get the kids to love each other, and your inbox is full of 'helpful' PDF's...
...googling all the answers has left you with information
...implementing forced NEW ideas for family time has everybody frustrated and rolling their eyes....
And that is where the
comes in... and why your family will never be the same again!

It 's time you discover the 3 key areas of connection that can take YOUR family from chaos to calm!


To stop the

overwhelm, frustration and disconnection...

and to start growing the connected family team you always thought you'd have?

Imagine if...

Family time was fun and you actually looked forward to it...

The kids are calmer and there is more laughter sounding through the house...

You felt your family was connected and your overwhelm has disappeared.

Siblings Playing Together
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I really liked Nina's practical ideas about how to improve our family communication style... my kids are so excited about the tools for the new way of communicating


And that is why I am inviting you to join


My Connected Family Course is a simple step by step guide to creating a more happy and peaceful family.

Designed to show you the exact steps, and give you all the resources and templates you need to create and grow a family team that enjoys spending time together and reduces your stress!

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Nina's 'My Connected Family Course' has encouraged me to think more deeply about how I parent my children. I have always had hopes for my children, their future and the people I would like them to be.

Now I feel more confident in proactively setting goals so as to guide and love my children through their journey towards adulthood.


What's in the course...



We look at the role you as a mum plays in helping your family connect. This includes:

Your self-care, your mindset and how you impact the atmosphere of the home.

On completion of step 1 you will know: 

  • How to create your Self-Care Checklist

  • How to foster a Healthy Mum Mindset

  • How to overcome overwhelm in 5 Simple Steps



You discover what your child needs from you to feel loved and safe and get on with their siblings, and we show you some fair fighting techniques that teach your kids to solve conflict well and grow in kindness.

On completion of step 2 you will know:

  • The basic needs of your child and how to meet them 

  • How to love your child the way they need it

  • The 3 keys to effective discipline that work!



You will map out your own desired family, learn how to set goals that work, and discover how to run an awesome family team meeting, that helps you grow as a connected team.

On completion of step 3 you will know:

  • How to create a vision for your family

  • About your family values and how to nurture them

  • How to set goals and work together as a team to achieve them

  • How to implement strategies that will help your family connect better 


Handling your child's BIG feelings!

Video & PDF Guide to helping your small people with their BIG feelings!

Worth $197


Fortnightly LIVE Q & A's and VIP Support inside the 'My Connected Family' Facebook group for 6 MONTHS!

Worth $1300


Course + Bonuses


Hey there Mum,

I think families are a bit like veggie gardens. You might put in some cucumbers and tomatoes, but unless you give them sunshine, water and the odd fertilizer, they aren't going to give you the produce you always thought you'd put into a salad at dinner time.

Family team building requires intentional and thoughtful input, so that what your family looks like, is actually the family you thought you'd have when you first found out you were pregnant. 

I'm Nina, and I help mums like YOU grow a strong and connected family team, where every member feels safe, valued, and loved. Imagine how that foundation can impact your family!


After Nina listened to the issue I was having with my daughter she then helped me come up with a plan.

Writing it down helped me clarify and feel so much less stress. Nina regularly checked in on how we were doing, offering more hints and tips. And I’m so excited to say that it’s been life changing!



This is for you if...

You're a MUM of more than ONE, and you have kids aged between 3 - 14.

You want to go from chaos to calm and enjoy family time.

You are willing to learn and apply!

You love easy, step by step guidance.

Sounds like you?

Join me now

Are you ready to invest in your family?

Monthly Payments


of 3 x Monthly Payments


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Total Payment of $405

Single Payment


Best Value - SAVE $50


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1 x payment of $547


Nina knows her stuff and she's fostered a very special family dynamic. You can see the connection she has with her children and the bond that exists between each sibling.

I've sought Nina's advice to help replicate these connections within my family.


Still Have Questions?

I am so busy as it is, how can I fit this course into my life?

I totally understand that our lives as mums can be C.R.A.Z.Y. That is why I have made this course DIY style. You can do it within 6 weeks or within 3 months. Each step is easy and simple with PDF worksheets to implement when YOU have time!

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