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Can You Actually Achieve Balance?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

I cannot believe how far through 2021 we already are! Every week just seems to fly by, it makes me wonder if I am appreciating life enough. I am certainly appreciating my caffeine these days!

I went live on my Fb page yesterday to talk about balance. Lately I feel the idea of balance has gotten a bad rap. Like it is something that is unachievable.

Well I disagree. I think balance can be achieved both externally with a nicely created plan, and internally with a feeling of peace thanks to a flexible attitude. If you missed my video you can view it here. But it always comes down to priorities. If you ever wanted to find out your priorities, have a look at what you spend your time on.

When you discover and write down your priorities, they become what you focus on and therefore what you spend time on, AND they help you make decisions. For example, one of the things we prioritize is 'Family Dinner'. After reading some interesting stats about the importance of family dinners and the correlation in the feeling of belonging in your child, we decided that family dinners are important and we want to have at least 4 dinners per week, where we sit down and connect. This means that when we make decisions about after school activities or projects we factor this priority in. But what about the weeks it doesn't happen? And of course these do exist. Extra work, meetings, trips and such do come up. This is where your flexible attitude comes in. I know, that if we have a busy crazy week, we can make it up the following week. It is OK for the balance to be found in a day, a week, a fortnight or even a month.

The most important thing when you are creating balance is to be intentional.

Balance wont just appear, it is intentionally planned. If I don't plan in 'my-time', it won't happen. And if it doesn't happen for a few days, mummy struggles to be nice! On a Sunday afternoon my husband and I sit and plan our week. Family dinners, work events, marriage nights, and I plan in which days I will go and workout and any events or work that happen outside of 9-5 time. We put that all into our shared google calendar... colour coded of course!

If our priorities get the time allocated that they should, my plan for the week is balanced, and knowing I have covered all bases brings me peace. How do you plan to have balance? If you look at your priorities, how do they compare against the time you have allocated for them over the day, week or month? How important to you are they really? Nina x


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