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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Hey amazing you, Did you know...

If the thoughts you have about yourself determine who you are, what are you? Are you stupid, a failure, worthless? Or are you an amazing, ass kicking, progress focused warrior?

I know how I would rather be thinking about myself. Because what you think directly affects how you feel and directly affects how you act.

  • If you THINK you are a failure, you will FEEL like you're not good enough. This will mean you might miss opportunities or compromise on your boundaries because you want people to like you.

  • If you THINK you can't do it, you will FEEL a lack of confidence, and that in turn can actually cause you to walk with your head a little lower.


  • If you THINK you are doing your best, then you will FEEL that you are enough, and you will act with hope and recognition that progress is better than perfection.

The way that allows me to feel free and enough, is to consistently fight the thoughts that are unhelpful. What are some of the unhelpful thoughts you want to change? Stay awesome! Nina x


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