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Birthday Traditions!

We have had some birthdays in the house in the last week. My eldest turned 12, which always blows my mind. (The birthday of the oldest and the youngest of my kids always seem to mean more.) And it was also my birthday. I LOVE my Birthday! It's probably because it allows me to make completely selfish decisions for that 24 hour period. I don't cook, I don't clean, I eat what I want and I do whatever I choose, guilt free. Did I mention that I LOVE my birthday? Except most of the time, by the end of the day, I am thinking about my sons birthday which happens to fall on the day after my birthday... every year... weird. One of my birthday traditions started when I was in hospital 12 years ago. I had a dinner with the in-laws planned for the day after my birthday and I had ordered this amazing cake from the cheesecake shop. I ended up in hospital on that day, having a c-section and missed the dinner.

So the following day my family brought in this cheesecake, and then left it with me.

So the following day my family brought in this cheesecake, and then left it with me. I was in hospital for 10 days and I ate that cake every day for a week... I did share some with my midwives though. You will be glad to know I have not eaten a whole cheesecake in a week ever again, these days I share the cheesecake love around. But since 2008, that is the cake I order every year.

For our kid's birthdays, we have some things that we have always done that have become traditions. We didn't set out to make them that way initially, but if you do something often enough that becomes a tradition, even if it's just the kids being unwilling to change what they have always known. Some of our birthday traditions include:

  • At home birthday parties every other year

  • Family Fun Day - Birthday kid's choice of course

  • Picking all their meals

  • Cupcakes at school (Thanks Corona for ruining this one)

  • Everyone prays for the birthday kid

  • NO CHORES! - of course that's one of their favourite traditions!

Traditions bring comfort, a sense of belonging and they nurture the family connection. What birthday traditions do you have in your family? Hit reply, let me know, I am always curious to know what others do! Nina x


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