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How To Succeed At Anything

In September my daughter turned 7, and she received her long awaited wish of some purple roller skates. She had seen a girl from the neighbourhood skating during lockdown and she desperately wanted her own pair and she would mention skates and her impending birthday all.the.time.

So I started researching the best skates to get for her. I didn’t want her to outgrow them in 6 months, so I got her a pair that grew with her feet. I am so happy I did because she LOVES them.

The day of her birthday came and she got her skates and was overjoyed, and she couldn't wait to hit the road. The following week, which was school holidays - not that it mattered (we had been in lockdown for the entire term anyway) she was able to have several skate sessions every day.

She went from stacking it multiple times, to skating effortlessly within a few days. Seriously, this girl has got the fierce determination that makes her achieve her goals.

As she would try and go around the corner, and either struggle, or stack it, she would turn to me and say, “When I am a pro, I will be able to go around a corner like that super easy!” and, at the start when she couldn't skate from the driveway onto the road because the step was too big, she would say, “When I’m a pro, I can do that super easy!”

"When I am a pro." "When I am a pro." "When I am a pro!"

One simple sentence! This girl has got a vision in her head and she is doing the things that will make her get there! It is so simple.

I watched her skate and I was in awe of this simple idea that she had taken hold of. Think or imagine what you want to do/be/achieve, hold that vision tightly, and make every effort to achieve that vision. Push through. Even when you stack it, often, to the point that your knee pads crack (It happened - I got a replacement, I mean she’s 7 and a light weight, no way was this normal wear and tear.).

It made me think about my goals, those I have seen fulfilled and those that I haven’t yet reached, maybe those that I have forgotten about or put into the too hard basket.

But maybe it’s not because my goals were wrong, it’s just that I didn’t have a strong enough vision to hold on to, when the going got tough. Because it does. Our brain wants to stay comfortable, it doesn’t want to be stretched and grow. Learning a new skill, changing a thinking pattern or learning to let go are all things that WILL make your brain uncomfortable, so without a solid vision and a step by step recipe, success may not come your way.

A Harvard study on goal setting has found these statistics:

  1. Only 14% of people actually set goals

  2. If you are one of the 14% who sets goals, then you are 10 x more likely to succeed than those who don’t set goals

  3. Of those 14%, only 3% write down their goals, but that makes them 30 x more likely to succeed than those who only thought about their goals.

Are you one of the 14%?

With goal setting, I have achieved, and am in the process of succeeding, in many things; completing studies, managing family life, changing the way I think and my mindset, growing an awesome marriage, establishing and continuing to grow a family team, starting my own business, saving for a holiday, maintaining a healthy body and creating a balanced mum life for myself.

Goal setting has helped my kids too. Some are more driven than others of course. One will be running laps around the oval to practice for his Cross Country race, and the other is always collecting sticks bigger than the last stick he collected… yesterday… and the day before that… and the day before that. 🪵

My daughter's subconscious mantra to succeed is this:

Know what you want. Take steps to get there. Don’t give up.

I need to take a leaf out of her book, narrow my focus, and unapologetically pursue my goals. It’s good for me, and it’s also good for my kids to see Mum being a go-getter.

Here's to 2022!

Nina x

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