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The Importance Of Christmas Traditions

Hey, how are you going? Like really? Is the fact that Christmas is 16 days away got you jumping with excitement or stressed out because you feel like you're not ready? I am so NOT READY! I feel like my 2020 has not been as productive as I would have liked, and I haven't given the Christmas season enough attention. So I have had to have a serious look at the Christmas traditions that we had started when the kids were little, and decide which ones I had to turf in order to stay sane! Traditions help children feel that they belong and help create positive memories. Can you recall a positive memory from the traditions you had in your family growing up? I remember Christmas Eve in the black forest in Germany. We would head to church in the evening, it was dark and the snow covered everything. The snow dampened the noises and brought with it a sense of peace. And I can recall it so vividly, that if Australia wasn't so hot all the time, I could pretend I was there. I also remember that the salad we had at my Oma's place afterwards, was awesome. So this year, there are a few Christmas traditions that have stuck, and we involved the kids by asking them which ones they liked best. Apparently you CAN watch the movie Elf too many times...

Here are some of the traditions we are keeping: 1. Advent Calendar - Years ago I sewed a big hanging one, so the pockets are big enough to fit 4 treats in them. As well as the treats are little 'Kindness Cards' that require a little extra kindness in the day. Sometimes it's hugs, other times it's asking for nice words for each other, or even to do a chore for someone else.

2. COOKIES! - Because that the only time of year I bring out all my German cookie recipes and they are delicious.

3. A Real Tree - That we cut down ourselves. This one had us undecided for weeks because I thought this year we could skip the cutting part. But no, we will be driving to a Christmas tree farm to pick a tree we like and then everybody gets a go of the saw as we chop it down.

These are some of the traditions we are keeping, other ones include gingerbread house making, lots of Christmas movies, going Christmas lights looking and a picnic dinner by the tree. These are the things that bring us closer together as a family, and it makes the memories that the kids will treasure forever. I would love to hear about your family Christmas traditions. Comment below and follow me on Facebook and let me know!

Nina x


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